Greg Garrett

Wrestling with Angels 01: Greg Garrett

Our very first Wrestling with Angels podcast features Greg Garrett. Greg is a professor of English at Baylor University, Theologian in Residence at Gladstone Library in Wales, Writer in Residence at the Seminary of the Southwest in Austin Texas and our 2015 Diocesan Convention Keynote Speaker. Greg is the author of many works of fiction […]

Video: The Unity and Beauty of the Eucharist

“There was a woman who became an Episcopalian in the 1940s. She was dating a young guy who was a Baptist, a licensed… licensed to preach in the Baptist tradition and she took him to her church. Both of them were African American. The church where they went was all White. This was in the […]

We are ALL missionaries

Video: We Are ALL Missionaries

“We are all missionaries or we are nothing. – Archbishop Desmond Tutu We are all about mission Supporting, connecting, listening Bringing a global perspective to local action We’re creating movements, addressing poverty, seeking environmental justice”

the Reverend Stephanie Spellers

Video: I am a Missionary – The Reverend Stephanie Spellers

“You know, once upon a time, when we talked about mission or missionaries, we were talking about someone who went far, far away to some distant land and shared the gospel, built new communities. Today, the places that are unknown for us, the places that we are sent to share good news may not just […]

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Seattle

Video: Our Lady of Guadalupe in Seattle, WA

“In Seattle, we have a total population of 600,000 people. Of this total, six percent of the population, which is 40,000 people are of latin origin. The Pacific Northwest is considered one of the unchurched places in the States, so we have a challenge too. I’m trying to bring in people of anglo origin and […]