St. Mary Magdalene

“Which saint would you most hope to have walk with you during Lent?”  I loved the question, and Mary Magdalene is the saint I knew at once that I would choose. In the early 1600’s, Launcelot Andrewes, mystic, theologian, bishop, and preacher to the Court of King James, preached three consecutive sermons on the Gospel […]

St. Julian of Norwich

“All shall be well. And all shall be well. And all manner of thing shall be well.” – The Lady Julian of Norwich, Revelations of Divine Love This phrase, coupled with the image of the hazelnut that (to paraphrase Julian) “God made, God loves, and God keeps,” is such a simple and strong affirmation that’s […]

Corpus Christi, Evelyn Underhill

Come, dear Heart! The fields are white to harvest: come and see As in a glass the timeless mystery Of love, whereby we feed On God, our bread indeed. Torn by the sickles, see him share the smart Of travailing Creation: maimed, despised, Yet by his lovers the more dearly prized Because for us he […]

St. Anskar

I’ve invited St. Anskar to come along with me on my Lenten journey. He was a missionary, monk, archbishop, friend of kings, and patron saint of Scandinavia, but that’s not why I chose him. I chose him because he was also a failure. I first heard of Anskar when an Episcopal priest friend told me […]

Kateri Tekakwitha’s Dream Song

On the waving hills above the river in the time of trillium and violet the women plant the corn I am “she who puts things in order” tending the fire in the longhouse mixing the sagamite working the starry beads into belts and moccasins My people killed the Blackrobes shook the deer hoofs and puffin […]