Transforming Questions

Transforming QuestionsTransforming Questions is a new 10-session course from Forward Movement designed to help participants engage basic questions of the Christian faith through teaching and conversation.

Both an introduction to the Christian faith for newcomers and a good refresher for longtime church members wondering about basics of the faith, Transforming Questions helps to build community among seekers and longtime Episcopalians, those who are old and those who are young, those who are questioning for the first time and those who are questioning for the thousandth time. Wherever we come from, we share the same questions and together we will discover that while there may not be easy answers, we can listen together for the still, small voice of God speaking in our very midst.

Join us to explore some of the most basic and pressing questions of Christianity:

  • Who is Jesus? Why was Jesus crucified?
  • How should I read the Bible?
  • Does God answer prayer?
  • Why do bad things happen?
  • Where do we go when we die?
  • Why do I need church?
  • What do I have to believe to be an Episcopalian?

Readily available for free online, The Episcopal Church in Colorado is exploring the possibility of a diocese-wide “hybrid” model of mostly online meetings with occasional face-to-face gatherings.

For more information, please contact Tracy Methe.