Archbishop Desmond Tutu likes to remind people that human beings are amazing creatures!

Ideally, a family works together to be the Body of Christ in the world. We learn from each other through good times and bad. Faith, love, grief, and spirituality are all experienced for the first time at home.

Below you will find resources to talk about faith, God, and spirituality in the home, as well as events for the whole family.

Online Resources

Faith at Home

Faith at Home is a wonderful resource for exploring faith and God at home with your family. See what they have going on their site.

Book Suggestions

Sacred Dwelling

Sacred Dwelling: A spirituality of family life

By Wendy M. Wright and Santa Murphy, illustrator

A book that’s great for that Sunday afternoon (or bed time or anytime) read with the family.

Living in God's Time

Living in God’s Time: A Parent’s Guide to Nurturing Children throughout the Christian Year

By Margaret Persky

This is a great idea mine for incorporating the liturgical calendar into our “out of church” lives.

Rituals for Home & Parish

Rituals for Home and Parish: Healing and Celebrating the Family

By Jack J. Rathschmidt and Gaynell Cronin

Another wonderful resource tying Sundays and Mondays together for the family.

The Family Cloister

The Family Cloister: Benedictine Wisdom for the Home

By David Robinson.

St. Benedict’s very practical rule of life for a monastery (everything, from prayer to laundry, eating to gardening, is done with a heart oriented toward God) is applied to life in a family.

Weaving Faith & Family

Weaving Faith and Family… When You’re Hanging on by a Thread: Reflections and Suggestions for Your Busy Family

By Eileen Marx.

A great resource for those of us always on the move but are also moved by greater momentum.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Have your own wonderful resources? We would love to add to this list! Do you have activities that add to your family’s experience of the sacred? Let us know and follow us on Pintrest!