Resources for the Home

Even children and youth who regularly attend church and Christian formation typically spend no more than 2-4 hours at church each week. Children’s first and primary faith mentors are their parents or guardians. This means that faith is primarily formed in the home. Here are some resources for helping families journey in faith together.

Online Resources

Faith at Home is a wonderful online resource for exploring faith and God at home with your family. New information is added regularly and you can subscribe to email updates.

Choosing a Children’s Bible

How do you find the right Bible for your child? It’s worthwhile taking the time to be selective in choosing a children’s Bible, as the selection is broad, but the quality inconsistent. The article Which Bible is Best for Children helps give thought to finding what you want from a children’s Bible and choosing one that is most appropriate for your child’s style of learning. The article is from 2010, but still very good and relevant, with helpful links to additional information.


Two more recently published Bibles that are widely recommended for younger children are The Big Picture Story Bible (ages 2-7) and The Jesus Storybook Bible (ages 3-8).


Let us know if you have a Bible of your own you would like to recommend!


Book Suggestions

Faithful Families & Parish

Faithful Families: Creating Sacred Moments at Home, Traci Smith

Faithful Families encourages families to add spiritual practices into their daily life, with a focus on transforming everyday moments into sacred moments.

Sacred Dwelling

Sacred Dwelling: A spirituality of family life

By Wendy M. Wright and Santa Murphy, illustrator

A book that’s great for that Sunday afternoon (or bed time or anytime) read with the family.

Living in God's Time

Living in God’s Time: A Parent’s Guide to Nurturing Children throughout the Christian Year

By Margaret Persky

This is a great idea mine for incorporating the liturgical calendar into our “out of church” lives.

The Family Cloister

The Family Cloister: Benedictine Wisdom for the Home

By David Robinson.

St. Benedict’s very practical rule of life for a monastery (everything, from prayer to laundry, eating to gardening, is done with a heart oriented toward God) is applied to life in a family.

Weaving Faith & Family

Weaving Faith and Family… When You’re Hanging on by a Thread: Reflections and Suggestions for Your Busy Family

By Eileen Marx.

A great resource for those of us always on the move but are also moved by greater momentum.