Church Development Institute (CDI) – Year 1 and Year 2

Church Development Institute (CDI) meets at Cathedral Ridge four times each year. CDI is a two-year program for clergy and lay leaders to learn about developing their congregations in this rapidly changing environment. Teams from congregations across the diocese come and learn about leadership, self-awareness, and congregational systems, and culture. They also worship together, share ideas, and create relationships throughout the diocese. For the last two years we have had two tracks of CDI each year to accommodate 60+ participants.


Colorado Youth Leadership Institute (COYLI) – Year 1

What does it mean to be a servant leader, work as a team, and bring your full heart and faith into every aspect of your life? Through team and individual challenges, students learn judgment and decision-making skills integrating their faith in God and calling to live passionately in the world. Team-building, spiritual practice, and exploration are central to this program. COYLI is a three-year commitment.

Age: Rising 9th and 10th graders


Colorado Youth Leadership Institute (COYLI) – Year 2

COYLI continues in year two as we travel to St. Paul’s Episcopal School in Petit Trou de Nippes, Haiti, for cultural immersion, relationship building, and intensive servant leadership training. In partnership with the Colorado Haiti Project, we will continue to grow as leaders and a team as we explore Christian ministry in a different cultural context. This program is open to students who participated in COYLI – Year 1 last summer.

Age: Rising 9th and 10th graders