Grace Church in Buena Vista

As Christians we are called to make the worship of God, through Jesus Christ, our first vocation. It is where we find the peace of God that passes all understanding. Through prayer, teaching, the evangelism of reconciliation, the love of Jesus, the Holy Sacraments, and the grace of God, we are shown the way to the Light, that is the transcendence of God. Vocational discernment is that important.

How can we help you on your journey?

Your Gifts

Each of us is uniquely gifted with interests, aptitudes, and talents that help us live out our respective callings in life. What are you really good at? And how can your gifts be put to the service of others?

God’s Call

Vocation is not about our jobs; it is about the calling of God on our lives. That might include, but often transcends, what we get paid to do. To what might God be calling you?


Alas, God’s voice often doesn’t come to us via flashing neon signs or messages in a bottle. We have to cultivate practices of listening to really hear that still, small voice. What might those practices look like?