Discernment is not confined to those who sense a calling to ordained ministry as deacons or priests.If you have taken account of your gifts and you have listened to God’s Call in your life, you are in the middle of your own discernment. You may have even reached out to others to talk about what you think your call is. Discernment is never more complicated than this.

Here are some helpful steps you may consider as you seek to fulfill the call of the divine in your life:

  • Reach out to others who are doing what you feel called to do. They are great resources for a ‘feet on the ground’ perspective.
  • Have you talked to your parish priest? Now may be a wonderful time to schedule a good sit-down with them and have a chat.
  • Do you have a spiritual director? Consider finding one and explore the road of discernment with them.
  • Great minds think alike. Get a group of your closest friends and talk about your sense of call. It’s amazing what you can learn from those who love you most.

If you are contemplating the diaconate or priesthood there are additional resources for you in your search. Please visit the page about seeking ordination in the Episcopal Church in Colorado.