God’s Call

reflected_steepleSome have experienced a call from God as unavoidable and undeniable—it couldn’t be drowneded-out and it wouldn’t leave them be. Others have described an experience of calling as a quiet whisper—coming and going, faintly pulling. However God is calling you, God calls all of us in to service. But to what, where? And how?

One place to begin the discernment journey is to look at your gifts, what you are the most passionate about, and where your joy lies. Starting there, you can begin to discover where your unique gifts meet the world’s greatest needs.

It is often at this place of convergence that we find God’s call. This could be anything from mentoring youth in your neighborhood to delivering medical equipment to developing countries. In many cases we find that our call, passion, and vocation are all the same things. Finding this convergence is hard work, but it is a work of love, of devotion, and deep faith.

This process isn’t limited to those of us in the throws of adulthood; see below for resources and events for all ages.

Upcoming Events

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Vocation Programs

Read about the Colorado Youth Leadership Institute on our Leadership page.

Book Suggestions

Practicing Discernment with Youth: A Transformative Youth Ministry Approach
By David F. White.

Finding Our Way Again: The Return of the Ancient Practices
By Brian Mclaren

Do you have an invaluable resource that helped you on your journey? Let us know, we would love to share it on our site with others.