Rest & Retreat

God’s intention for all creation is rest. Work is a gift, to be sure, but rest is a command. And it’s a good thing too as many of us might not actually let ourselves rest unless we are commanded to do so! We all tend to be overworked, overburdened, overscheduled, over-busy, over-caffeinated, over-almost-everything-all-the-time. Amidst all the chaotic busyness of life, there is a tremendous need for rest, retreat, silence, study, and prayer. Not just rest so that we can recharge our batteries for more frenetic activity, but truly entering into a rhythm of life with rest in the presence of God at the very center of our lives, being, families, and communities. Come away with me, my fair one! Song of Songs 2:10

Group Retreats at Cathedral Ridge

The Office of Faith Formation offers Advent and Lent retreats every year, with opportunities for silent solitude as well as facilitated small-group reflection. Join us for our upcoming Advent Retreat.

To RSVP or for more information contact:
Tracy Methe (Coordinator for Diocesan Events and Digital Communications):

Personal Retreats

Cathedral Ridge

Several lodging options are available for personal retreat at Cathedral Ridge. From an off-the-grid Hermitage to tent camping to family-sized cabins to larger lodges, Cathedral Ridge offers scalable options for personal, family, and whole-parish community retreats.

Retreat Centers in Colorado

Unsurprisingly, Colorado is home to numerous religiously affiliated retreat centers throughout the state, offering everything from personal short-term retreats to large-group gatherings. Here’s just a sampling:

For more Catholic retreat centers, see

Anglican/Episcopal Monasteries, Convents, and Religious Communities

Looking to get out of Colorado for a retreat? Many Anglican/Episcopal religious orders and intentional communities offer hospitality to retreat-seekers, sometimes including full-fledged facilitated personal retreat options, spiritual direction, and more. A few such communities include:

For a full list of Anglican/Episcopal religious orders throughout the Americas and beyond, see the Conference of Anglican Religious Orders in the Americas and Religious Communities of the Anglican Communion websites.