Youth Confirmation

Suggested Resources for Youth Confirmation Classes

I Will With God’s Help

This is a six-session series, but can be made into twelve. This program has an easy-to-use, easy-to-lead format. It comes with a leader’s guide and a guide for adults, youth, and mentors. The program emphasizes that confirmation is a personal choice and isn’t something that should be forced on anyone. It also does a nice job of using baptism as grounding, but emphasizes that baptism is in itself a complete sacrament. It shows that confirmation is a deepening and not a graduation. Read more >

My Faith, My Life

This is also a great resource that can be made into a six or ten session program. It suggests doing a retreat with the six-session option. This material seems better suited to a leader who is willing to spend more time with the curriculum and may want to tailor it more. There is a website companion, but not a youth journal. It also stresses baptism and explains that confirmation is not the graduation. It does, however, use language that feels like confirmation is expected of everyone in the church. Read more >

Faithful Questions

This makes an excellent companion resource. Youth aren’t always comfortable asking questions about faith and this resource asks the questions and considers responses from multiple angles. Read more >

Call on Me

This is a book of prayers written especially for youth. It can be used as a personal prayer book or a prayer resource in group. Read more >

About Confirmation in the Episcopal Church in Colorado

For more information about confirmation, visit the Diocesan Confirmation Page.