Intergenerational Ministry

St. Charles
Intergenerational ministry is incredibly important in creating community and encouraging our lives together in the body of Christ. Here are a few articles on why Intergenerational ministry is vital for the health of your parish and how to involve everyone in Faith Formation activities.

The Benefits of Intergenerationality

“When generations collide, the ensuing conflict reminds everyone, Church is not just about me. Who knew that church could be the cure to narcissism?”
This article supports the basic premise that intergenerational faith experiences uniquely nurture spiritual growth
and development in both adults and children.

How to Bring the Generations Together

During the last 100 years, steady changes have occurred in society that have separated families and segregated age groups, not only in educational settings, but also in life in general. These changes include the universality of age-graded public education, the geographical mobility of families, the movement from extended to nuclear family, the rise of divorce and single-parent families, and the prevalence of retirement and nursing homes for older persons and preschools for the young.

The Challenge of Intergenerational Dialogue

When generational shifts happen, the previous generation is often aghast. The young seem to be cavalierly discarding the very values and practices their elders had worked so hard to defend. Even more confusingly, they often “mix and match” beliefs that their elders had assigned to opposite ideological camps, accepting some and refusing others. The elder generation has usually become so accustomed to viewing the world through one set of assumptions and values that they find it impossible to understand why the younger generation does not see things the same way.

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