Young Adults & Campus Ministry

St. Stephen's

The transition from high school to what lies beyond is an exciting and challenging time of life. All of a sudden you are thrust into making decisions about who you are, what you believe, whether and where you will go to college, what your place is in this world, who your friends—and maybe even life partner—will be, and what you want to do with your life.No pressure, right?

The Office of Faith Formation is here for you, whether you are in your 20s and 30s or support those who are. Working closely with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, we offer resources and connections to the people, parishes, and campus ministers that serve young adults.

Connect with us and find your place.

20s and 30s Groups

Connect with other young adults via these 20s/30s groups in Colorado:
Denver: Saint John’s Cathedral
Golden: College Ministry at Calvary Church—Golden

Don’t see a church near you on this list? Find the parish closest to you and contact them to see how you can get in touch.

Campus Ministries

Want to connect with other Episcopalian and Lutheran college students at your campus? Follow the links below either to an Episcopal/Lutheran campus ministry at your college or a parish nearby.

Colorado Episcopal Service Corps

With houses in downtown Denver and the storied mountain town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado Episcopal Service Corps is engaging young adults with a compelling program of spiritual formation, living in community with a Rule of Life, and outstanding opportunities for service and reflection.

Learn more about CESC or apply today.

Young Adult Service Corps (YASC)

For those seeking service opportunities further afield, the Episcopal Church’s Young Adult Service Corps (YASC) brings young adults into the life of the worldwide Anglican Communion and into the daily work of a local community, offering one-year assignments in communities across the globe. YASC offers a unique international opportunity for those whose who have a high degree of maturity and possess a faith commitment, the willingness to be a humble guest, and the ability to be an authentic companion.

Check out some frequently asked questions, the blogs of current and former YASC volunteers, and the online application.