Shared-Cost Fund

What Is the Shared-Cost Fund?

The Shared-Cost Fund is a financial resource that helps ensure faith formation events sponsored by The Episcopal Church in Colorado are financially accessible to everyone. As event costs continue to rise, your contribution allows us to continue this level of support as well as extend the reach of these transformational events throughout the diocese. Events with shared-cost funds available include:

How Does It Work?

Individuals are encouraged to contribute what they are able to the cost of an event, as well as seek funding support from their congregations. They can apply to have the remaining balance paid from the Shared-Cost Fund. Oftentimes there is an equal three-way sharing of costs, with the individual, the congregation, and the diocese each contributing a third. There are times, however, when an individual can contribute only a small amount, or minimal funds are available from the congregation. The diocese is committed to making sure these individuals are still able to attend events. Individuals seeking shared-cost funds for an event should complete a Shared-Cost Application and return it to or The Episcopal Church in Colorado, 1300 Washington St., Denver, CO 80203.

How Can I Contribute?

There are two ways to contribute:

  • By credit card. One-time or recurring donations can be made online:

Donate Now

  • By check. Checks should be made out to The Episcopal Church in Colorado with “Shared-Cost Fund” noted in the memo line. Please mail checks to The Episcopal Church in Colorado, 1300 Washington St., Denver, CO 80203.

Questions? Please contact the office of faith formation at