Spiritual Direction

Spiritual DirectionNEW: Spiritual Direction on the Road (Fall 2017)

Would your congregation like to learn more about spiritual direction? Consider inviting Spiritual Direction Colorado (SDCO) to speak to your congregation or adult formation class. Trained spiritual directors will cover the following areas and tailor their time with you to address your specific questions.

  • Spiritual direction as part of spiritual discipline
  • Personal approaches to spiritual direction
  • How spiritual direction can enhance a person’s spiritual journey

To learn more about Spiritual Direction on the Road, or to schedule a visit, please contact Vickie Bailey at SDCO.

More about Spiritual Direction

Where are you on your spiritual journey? To what might God be calling you next? How might you be challenged to grow in your faith?

These are questions that can be difficult to answer on your own. It is often hard to sort out the many voices in our lives — our own ego, the voices of others, the voice of God. How can you tell the difference? How does one discern? How do you know when God is speaking to you?

That is where spiritual direction comes in. A new name for an ancient practice, spiritual direction does not provide definitive answers to every question…but it does offer the listening ear and gentle guidance of someone willing to walk with you in whatever season of life you might find yourself.

Spiritual directors help you sort through the many “changes and chances of life,” as it says in the Book of Common Prayer. And amidst all the confusion and uncertainty that life inevitably presents, spiritual directors help us calm and quiet ourselves enough to hear that “still, small voice” of God.

“God seeks you where you are,” as Spiritual Direction Colorado — the leading network of spiritual directors in Colorado — reminds us. The issue is whether we are aware enough to see how God is present, speaking, active in our lives. That awareness doesn’t come overnight; it is a lifelong voyage. And spiritual direction “is a process of accompanying people” on the journey, “helping us grow closer to God, the Sacred, the Divine Mystery.”

The webinar What is Spiritual Direction? is the result of a collaborative effort between Spiritual Direction Colorado and the Office of Faith Formation, and can answer many questions newcomers to spiritual direction may have.

Interested in working with a spiritual director? Check out this guide from Spiritual Directors International.

For more on Spiritual Direction Colorado, including helpful resources and a calendar of events near you, see:

Consider the Benedictine Spiritual Formation Program at Benet Hill Monastery in Colorado Springs.

The Benedictine Spiritual Formation Program (BSFP), open to persons of all faith traditions, focuses on personal transformation and spiritual growth. BSFP was created to deepen each participant’s inner journey and to open new pathways of spiritual service, including the ministry of spiritual direction.

Further information is available on the Benet Hill Monastery website.